Maximum Cyber Mobile Attacks are Made on India

Unfortunately, India is the 2nd on the list on receiving maximum cyber-attacks in all over the world. Most of these vulnerabilities are made to steal bank details and passwords using phishing. This report is published by the top security software Kaspersky.

Kaspersky Lab from Russia said that Russia is on the top of the list to receive the maximum vulnerable attack on their cyber-space against all kinds of mobiles phones. About 40.34% attacks are made on unique users of Russia only.

Mobile Cyber Attacks

In India, the percentage is 7.9% which is in fact huge compared to other countries in the sub-continent. In the list, there’re other countries, for instance, Vietnam, Ukraine and UK with a percentile of 3.96%, 3.84% and 3.42% respectively.

Other members of the top 10 list of most vulnerable attacks on mobile cyberspace are Germany (3.20%), Kazakhstan (2.88%), US (2.13%), Malaysia (2.12%) and Iran (2.01%).

This survey was made on 2013 and most of the attacks were targeted on banking details of the users. Kaspersky reported that almost 2,500 attempted phishing attacks were used using Trojans of different kinds. According to Kaspersky, Banking Trojans were one of the most vulnerable attacks made on mobile OS. The increasing Android users and the vulnerability of using Android has increased this number of targeted mobile attacks on them.

Criminals of the cyberspace were massively interested in gathering money from the mobile users since almost all of the attacks were made to steal money from the users’ bank accounts. Kaspersky Lab Virus Analyst Victor Chebyshev has said, “Today, the majority of banking Trojan attacks target users in Russia and the CIS. However, that is unlikely to last for long; given the cybercriminals’ keen interest in user bank accounts, the activity of mobile banking Trojans is expected to grow in other counties in 2014.”