Stronger Law to Prevent SC / ST Crimes

The Government cleared an ordinance on Tuesday to draw the support of SCs and STs before elections to make things clear with them. This law depicted from now on will emphasize and strengthen the protection against these people and put stricter punishments for people who commit crimes against these communities in India.

SC ST Crime Law

The ordinance was made in name of the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe (Prevention of Atrocities) Amendment Ordinance. The Union Cabinet generally suggests finding solutions for the crimes like assault or rape against women but this ordinance was cleared within two hours of scheduled meeting. The Union Cabinet also deals with crime that involves kidnapping as well. Most of these crimes will make the criminals lay in jails more than 10 years. New crimes are added to the list of section 3 of the amendments.

Not only will this law prevent the criminals to threaten these communities but also timely issuance of injury reports should be provided by the medical officers in case of atrocities occurs against SCs/STs. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has ordered a scheduled submission of injury reports by the medical officers and fixed a meeting convening the message to Ashok Kumar Sinha, chief secretary. The CM has also asked for period reports for the ordinance and medical reports.

The CM will also take a look at the victim’s pension and monetary compensations under SC/ST act and provide the payments for the compensation as early as possible. Also, crimes like obstructing the use of common property, obstructing the way of worshiping areas, allegations of witchcraft and boycotting social economy were added to the list. Now, according to the ordered ordinance, these crimes will be taken into considerations against the SC/STs.

Special courts will be also take place to run the trials of such nuisance and provide rehabilitation for the victims.