Best Engineering Branches in India

Giant corporations are always willing to pay handsome salaries to brilliant individuals. But one can cut the mustard only by being out of the ordinary. There are handfuls of engineering branches in India but the real task is to find appropriate and best engineering branch as per your academic skills. Before choosing the Good Engineering Branches in India one must make sure that whether he will be able to pull it off.

Best Engineering Branches in India

  • Computer Engineering

The study of this branch is divided into two parts- in initial years students are taught prerequisites and general education and in later years, of course, they are taught fundamentals of computer science, mathematics, and electrical engineering. The main job of a computer engineer is to write , codify and develop hardware and software .Best colleges in India to pursue this branch of engineering is- Indian Institute of Technology(Delhi),(Kharagpur).


  • Electrical Engineering

Students are enlightened with the science of electricity, electromagnetism. These technicians assemble electrical devices and systems,read and interpret blueprints, create diagram and reports etc. Best colleges in India to pursue it are Indian Institute of Technology(Bombay),(Kanpur).


  • Mechanical Engineering

It includes the study of laws of physics for manufacturing mechanical systems. Brilliant understanding of energy, kinematics, mechanics, fluid mechanics is mandatory. These engineers assemble and design robotics, motor vehicles, aircraft, medical devices etc. Top institutes are Indian Institute of Technology (Chennai), BITS Pilani, NITTiruchirappalli


  • Chemical Engineering

It is a versatile course as it covers electrical engineering, computer science, physics, mathematics and last but not the least chemistry. Manufacturing of food, drugs, oxidation, biotechnology is some of the fields practiced by them. Colleges in India to pursue this branch are Indian Institute of Technology (Mumbai), BITS Pilani, Delhi Technological University.


  • Civil Engineering

Core topic is the study of construction. They construct, design and maintain highways, canals, airports, sewage treatments, bridges, dams, tunnels,test quality of concrete for buildings,hydraulic systems. Colleges in India best suited for this branch are ISM Dhanbad,Anna University Chennai.


  • Aerospace Engineering

Mathematics and physics should be your assets if one wants to pursue his career in this field. These engineers need to work on propulsion systems, space exploration, spacecraft, aircraft, navigation and communication tools. Top colleges to pursue it are Indian Institute of Technology(Kanpur),(Bombay),SRM University.


  • Biotechnology

Major subjects are biochemistry, immunology, microbiology, molecular biology, plant, and animal biotechnology .Biotechnologists find their major role in animal husbandry,health care, medicine, agriculture. Best colleges in India to go for this field are Indian Institute of Technology(Roorkee), (Guwahati), NIT Warangal.


  • Nuclear Engineering

Fundamental principles of nuclear physics, fusion, fission are covered by the academic program of this branch.These technicians work as the nuclear physician, researchers.They  work in nuclear laboratories, environmental policy designs etc. Suitable colleges in India are Indian school of mines in Dhanbad, IIST in Trivandrum


  • Marine Engineering

Marine engineering deals with vehicles and structures that are water borne. The main job is designing and testing of these vehicles. Though named as “engineering”, but academic curriculum of this branch is aimed at factors which affect environment under the water. Best colleges in India are Indian Institute of Technology (Madras), (Kharagpur).